Signs You Need a New Roof

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D & M Roofing LLC can inspect your roof and help you determine if it needs to be replaced already. For the average homeowner, roof inspection seems too tedious and time-consuming. Plus, unless there are obvious signs from inside one’s house such as leaks and patches of ceiling discoloration, it can prove quite difficult to tell when roof repair or replacement is already due.

It is a sad fact that only when leaks and discoloration manifest can a homeowner be sure that their Akron, New Philadelphia, Massillon, or Dover roofing system has already been seriously damaged.

Roofing deterioration happens as roofs do their job, protecting a structure and its inhabitants from the elements. The heat, precipitation, wind, and extreme temperatures that roofs are exposed to eventually cause the structure to break down.

Spotting the Signs of Roof Deterioration

An experienced roofing contractor from D & M Roofing LLC can alert you when we find signs that your roofing system is on the verge of failure and requires attention. Roofs need attention when any of the following signs are present:

  • Visibly worn, cracked, warped, or missing shingles or tiles
  • Rust stains on a metal roof
  • Streaks or stains along a structure’s outer surfaces
  • Excessive mold or moss growth on the roof surface
  • Loose or missing flashing around vents and chimneys
  • Leaking, loose, or hanging gutters
  • Staining of rafters in a home attic space
  • Sagging or staining on underside of the roof decking

Having a regularly scheduled general roof inspection conducted by an expert roofing contractor is good practice. Think of it like going to your family physician on a regular basis for a complete medical exam. Locating possible problem areas and addressing them as soon as possible contribute a great deal to prolonging the life of any roofing system. Roof checkups are recommended every 3 to 5 years.

D & M Roofing LLC is a trusted name when it comes to Akron, New Philadelphia, Massillon, and Dover roofing systems. Contact us today at (330) 852-3800 to get your roof checked!

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