5 Things Your Roofing Contract Should Have

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Roofing contracts are far more than just an agreement between the roofing contractor and the homeowner. Every aspect of the roofing project is covered by the contract, and as a homeowner, you should make sure everything is agreed upon before you sign on the dotted line. Let D and M Roofing share what elements your roofing contract should include: … [Read more...]

Preparing Your Roof Replacement Budget the Easy Way

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The budget: if there’s an all-important aspect of a roof replacement project, this is it. Knowing how much you can spend sets the tone for what’s possible and what’s not. Remember these tips and your roof replacement project will go smoothly and go easy on the wallet. … [Read more...]

GAF’s Golden Pledge® Ltd. Warranty’s Exclusive Benefits

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Everyone knows product warranties matter, but their value couldn’t be more emphasized when it comes to roofs. Your warranty is your insurance against defects. It’s your safety net, protecting your checkbook in case premature failures occur. Even if you have to spend extra for the strongest guarantee available, it’s just a small price to pay for peace of mind. … [Read more...]

The Advantages of a Well-Maintained Roof Part 1

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Your roof is a very sturdy structure, and you might think it can do well without getting repair or maintenance work done. But just like any part of your home, your roofing will experience wear and tear throughout its operating life span. D and M Roofing discusses the advantages of a well-maintained roof. … [Read more...]